Cecil A. Poole – Cares that Infest


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The path to happiness in life is often strewn with cares which loop up before us. Who has not often said to himself, “if I could just overcome this or that, life would be so much more meaningful to me”? Is your patience, your perseverance, your power of accomplishment often adversely affected by such things as: Uncertainties,- that cause doubt and confusion, coping with the unknown – How should one approach the tomorrow? Or the unforeseen? And worries – How to master such distractions is vitally important to everyone.

Happiness is not something to be found. Neither it is a gift from high. Happiness is personally created. It is de learning to meet life’s challenges understandingly. There is a way to conquer the cares that stand in between you and happiness.

Sir Isaac Newton said: “to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” This is the fourth law of the great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. But it also applies to life generally. Because for every care there is an equal positive opposite that mitigate it. Knowing these opposites can eliminate many of the personal, mental, physical, and evens economical adversities humans front.